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Inaugurated By

Pranab Mukherjee

(President of India)
(Dated: 27-12-13)

I congratulate the AMU for developing a 'Social Science Cyber Library'. I am glad to inaugurate the same and hope Social Scientists from across the world will benefit from it.
[Quoted from his Inaugural Speech, dated December 27, 2013]

“Sir Syed was a great advocate of secularism. He always worked towards bringing all communities together to achieve the greater objectives of the national development.”

“AMU has been working towards building a nation that stands for tolerance, mutual cooperation, communal affinity and secularism.”

“AMU Murshidabad Centre would provide an easy access to modern education to the educationally deprived section of this region.”
[Quoted from his Murshidabad Speech, dated December 07, 2013]


Sir Syed Ahmad Khan (1817 - 1898)

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A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but the idea lives on. It is no honour for anybody to be proud of his ancestors and have no virtue to his own credit.

Vice Chancellor

Zameer Uddin Shah   (Lt.Gen.(Retd.)

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It is heartening to note that the Faculty of Social Sciences under the leadership of Prof. Shabahat Husain, Dean of the faculty, is taking pioneering step to establish the ‘First Fully Digital Library’ in Aligarh Muslim University.

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